We have many options for replacing missing teeth!

Of all the treatment options for missing teeth, removable prostheses are among the most common. Removables include any appliance that does not have to be worn at all times, such as dentures. At Carolina Smiles, we can create a variety of removable appliances to replace missing teeth and even help you sleep better at night!

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Dentures are made of a gum-colored plastic resin which fits over your existing bone ridge that used to hold your teeth. The prosthetic teeth projecting from the base are designed to look and function just like your natural teeth. Dentures are made to fit very snug on your bone ridge which creates a suctioning effect so they do not move around. 

When you receive your dentures, there may be a few adjustments that need to be made. This is to ensure that your dentures are fitting properly and allowing the suctioning effect to occur. You can remove your dentures each day for cleaning and reinsert them with ease!


Partial dentures are very similar to complete dentures, but they are used for patients who are missing just a few teeth. Whereas dentures use your entire bone ridge to remain in place, partials are typically attached to a metal appliance that fits over your gum and latches on to your remaining teeth in the area. This keeps your partial from sliding around or falling out. Removable partial dentures are perfect for filling the gaps created by missing teeth and preventing your remaining teeth from shifting.

Oral Sleep Appliance

Sleep may not seem related to dentistry, but if you have sleep apnea or if you snore excessively, we can create a special mouth guard that will allow you to breathe better at night. This oral appliance is worn only while you sleep and supports your jaw so you can maintain an open airway.

These appliances fit similar to an athletic mouth guard or orthodontic retainer, so they are more comfortable than other alternatives such as PAP masks. They are also easy to care for and take with you wherever you go. If you want to improve your sleep, come see us for impressions and we will have an oral sleep appliance made specifically for you in no time!

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